Cake Menu

White Satin
White cake filled with layers of shaved dark chocolate and crème, alternating with fresh raspberries and whipped cream

Chocolate Fudge Surprise
Dark chocolate layers of cake filled with chocolate mousse and a rich layer of ganache with crushed English toffee

Cookies and Cream Swirl
Our traditional Marble cake layered with a sweet cookie and cream filling

Banana Pecan
Rich banana cake drizzled with butter-rum sauce, filled with fresh bananas and Bavarian crème

Butterscotch Spice
A rich spiced cake with a touch of butterscotch, filled with a soft vanilla crème, drizzled with caramel

Coconut Crème
A fluffy golden vanilla cake, layered with soft, creamy coconut filling

Red Velvet
A traditional, rich red velvet cake, layered with cream cheese frosting

Marble Chip
White and chocolate cake swirled together, layered with fresh sliced bananas folded into a rich chocolate mousse, alternating with fudge icing

Almond Cake
A soft white cake with touch of sweet almond, filled with layers of almond cream cheese and Bavarian crème

Salted Caramel Trio
Chocolate and vanilla layers of cake, filled with a lightly salted caramel butter cream

Lemon Lavender
A buttery-sweet lemon cake with a touch of fresh organic lavender, layered with a lemon crème filling and English lemon curd

A moist cake with a light pistachio flavor, layered with pistachio mousse

A light and fluffy champagne cake, layered with strawberry mousse

Seasonal Offerings at an additional fee

Triple Berry
A moist golden vanilla cake filled with layers of three different fresh berries and whipped cream (Seasonal)

Strawberries and Crème
A soft and light vanilla bean cake layered with fresh strawberries and whipped cream

Lemon Berry
A lemon pound cake enhanced with a tart lemon sauce and filled with an English lemon curd, alternating with a fresh raspberries and whipped cream